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Akunki Drakht Restaurant

Even the most exquisite visitors will be amused by the diversity of the national cuisine of restaurant of “Akunki Drakht”. Here, you can enjoy the Armenian and European fine delicacy under the traditional and European melody.

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Akunki Drakht


The complex “Akunki Drakht” is located in one of the most picturesque corner of Kotayk region-in the village of Akunk. At first sight, the complex reminds us of a medieval castle due to its luxurious furnishing and wonderful surrounded nature.

Akunki Drakht

Perfect For

In the complex are functioning open and close halls where one can organize arrangement accompanied by live music, VIP halls surrounded with pretty sights of natural lakes. There you can have a complete rest with your relatives, friends as well as organize business meetings.

Akunki Drakht

Fresh produce

Lavash and other sorts of bread are baked in “tonratun” placed in the complex and the visitor can’t be indifferent to its palatable smell. You will spend unforgettable paradisiacal evenings and time. Our skilled cooks are ready to satisfy all your demands.

“AkunkiDrakht” is rich with various fish product-trout, gold fish and sturgeon, beluga which are spawned in the natural and artificial lakes inside the complex. The whole fish product is changed into fine delicacy by the hand of the skilled cook.


The food-cheese, sour cream and other vegetables are cultivated and obtained in the same village.


Pork /1kg/5000 AMD
Pork /1 portion/1700 AMD
Pork loin /1kg/5500 AMD
Lamb /1kg/7500 AMD
Lamb /1 portion/2800 AMD
Lamb loin /1 kg/8000 AMD
Veal /1kg/8000 AMD
Veal /1 portion/2900 AMD
Chiken /1 piece/3600 AMD
Chick /1 piece/1500 AMD
Rabbit in tandoor /1 piece/7000 AMD
Potato barbecue /1 portion/400 AMD

Fish Dishes

Sterlet/1 kg/
In Tandoor4900 AMD
Grilled4700 AMD
Boiled4500 AMD
Boiled and Grilled4700 AMD
Trout/1 kg/
Fried4000 AMD
Grilled3500 AMD
Boiled3400 AMD
In vegetable sauce4500 AMD
Rudd/1 kg/
Fried7300 AMD
Grilled7000 AMD
Boiled7200 AMD
In vegetable sauce8000 AMD


1700 AMD
2500 AMD
2000 AMD
2000 AMD
1200 AMD
2000 AMD
1800 AMD
1200 AMD
1200 AMD
1200 AMD
800 AMD
1000 AMD

Relaxing Pleasure

The new modern restaurant center is distinguished by its original architecture due to its background. It is built in a style where the spirit and traditions of historical Armenia are maintained and which stands for the connective unit of the past and present of our ancient country.
The geographic status of Armenia allows us to enjoy the wonderful sights of the mountain Hatis.


3500 AMD

Trout which are spawned in the natural and artificial lakes inside the complex.

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